Sunday, April 6, 2008

Reading and Kids

A few years ago I read a scientific study somewhere  (sorry, but I've forgotten the details) that was supposed to determine which method of teaching reading worked best. After interviewing many college students the scientists doing the study determined that it made no difference at all what method had been used in their schools. But the high achieving students did have one thing in common; when they were little kids their parents had read to them for at least 20 minutes nearly every day. 
So if you have any kids, please, please, please, read to them until they're old enough to enjoy reading comfortably on their own. And set a good example by letting them see you read to yourself. 


L.L. Barkat said...

I love reading together. I even love being read to now, past childhood as I am. :)

(On a different note, have you considered putting links to your other new blogs into the sidebar here?)

Stubb said...

As an author and elementary teacher I have been fascinated with how kids learn to read, and what kinds of books work for them. What a vast subject! A Language Experience program works in the classroom for young readers. children remember what they say, and can read the words they dictate. Their stories are about their family, pets etc. I love this program for beginning readers.

As for writing books for kids. Good literature that teaches a love of books works for young readers. The objective is a love of books, and the joy of reading. That's why I'm enjoying writing World Awareness Books for kids. Stubb the traveling dog brings fun and excitement to reading.