Saturday, June 6, 2009

More About Names

     Sometimes when people name their babies they don't realize they're choosing something that is a pun or has an unexpected meaning. Those meanings can be appropriate. For example, Joe King (joking)  has a great sense of humor and J.A. Berry (jabbery) tended to talk a lot. But sometimes names, like Terra Bell (terrible) wouldn't have been chosen if the parents had realized what they were doing. 
     I think it's unkind for parents to deliberately give their children names that are plays on words because that sets the kids up for possible embarrassment. I would never have named a child Krystal Shanda Lier (chrystal chandelier) but some parents did.  Of course kids will be teased no matter what they are named, but why make it any worse? It's a good idea for parents to carefully consider all possible variations, nicknames, and initials before naming babies in order to prevent making life harder for their children. 

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