Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tiny Angel

I recently had the privilege of reading a soon-to-be-published book by Nancy Carty Lepri called Tiny Angel.
It was bad enough that Macy had to move away from her best friend, whose letters showed she had quickly found another best friend.
Attending school in a new town where she had no friends at all and became a victim of the class bully was worse. And it didn't help that her teacher was pushing her to participate in a major spelling bee, which would make her seem like a nerd to everyone.
To top it all off, the tiny angel who unexpectedly showed up might turn out to be more of a problem than a help.
How could Macy ever make some friends and have a normal life?
Kids can easily identify with Macy's troubles and the touch of supernatural influence makes Tiny Angel more than just another book about problems in school. I think young readers will love this book.


NancyCL said...

Thanks for the wonderful review Janet! I appreciate it.

Dixieland57 said...

This is a wonderful review. Good job!