Saturday, July 3, 2010

Babies Don't Eat Pizza

My last post was about sibling rivalry and the next day I was surprised to get a book in the mail on that very topic. I'd forgotten that author Dianne Danzig had said she'd send me a copy for review.
Babies Don't Eat Pizza is a cute and informative book for kids who have or will soon have new babies in their families. Danzig has years of experience working with newborns and babies and teaching little kids how to be good big brothers and sisters so she knew what was needed in a book like this.
The book does a great job of letting children know what to expect in ways they can identify with, and the tips at the back will be helpful for parents, too.
The illustrations by Debbie Tilley are also cute. I like the way she included families of various ethnicities even though the main family is white. I do wish the pictures of newborns had been a bit more red and wrinkled, but that's a minor thing.
This book would be a great gift for a child who has a pregnant mother or newborn sibling. It will help lots of children understand why babies act the way they do.

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