Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Cards

Yes, I know people say Christmas cards will soon be replaced by e-cards. Yes, I admit I sometimes send e-cards to people myself. Yes, addressing a lot of envelopes does take some time. And, yes, buying the cards and paying for postage can cost quite a bit.
I don't believe Christmas cards will become extinct, at least not in the near future.
There's something about opening the envelopes and holding greetings from close friends and family, especially people we haven't seen in a while, that means more than clicking on an electronic message. And displaying Christmas cards helps decorate homes for the holidays in a way that reminds us of people we love and the history we have with them.
So I may send e-cards to internet friends, people whose snail-mail addresses I don't have, and some acquaintances, but I'll be sure to send at least a few traditional cards to people who share my memories and are close to my heart.


Jason said...

I'll use my new iPhone app this year for sending Christmas greeting cards:

Janet Ann Collins said...

I guess I'm an old fogey to people like you. Too bad!