Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bones Book

After several posts about teaching it seems appropriate to mention a book that will be helpful to teachers and students. The book is called The Sum of Our Parts; No Bones About It and explains the human skeletal system in ways kids of many ages and grade levels will enjoy. I think I may have mentioned it before, but want to be sure everyone hears about it.
Preschoolers probably won't understand all the scientific terms, but they'll enjoy having someone read the amusing rhyming description of skeleton parts to them. Besides the rhymes, each page has both funny and scientifically accurate illustrations and sidebars called factoids that will be of interest to older kids. That information will be helpful in science classes and I even learned some things I didn't know myself. And any kid who breaks a bone would certainly find the book interesting
To be honest I must admit that I know the author, Bill Kirk, and the illustrator also did one of my books, but I wouldn't be mentioning this book if I didn't honestly think it would be a great educational resource and an enjoyable read for kids.
I haven't seen the other books in the Sum of Our Parts series, but if they're as good as this one they must be great.


billkirkwrites said...

Thanks so much for reaching back to give Bones some new legs. I appreciate the kind words and your taking the time to including me in your blog.

Janet Ann Collins said...

You're welcome, of course.

Nicole weaver said...


I am sure Bill's book is great. I had the great pleasure of reading and reviewing his newest book. I love rhyming books. Thanks for sharing the review.

Nicole Weaver

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks, Nicole.