Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cooking With Kids

Lots of kids enjoy cooking and that can be good for them.
When they're too young to use knives, turn on stoves, or read recipes it's a way to have some together time with an adult.
Sometimes a fussy eater will try something he or she helped to prepare.
As kids become more independent they're proud of foods they cooked all by themselves.
Following recipes can help kids develop math and reading skills.
Experimenting with recipes can be creative and educational. There's lots of science involved.
Sharing yummy things they've made shows love to others and makes kids feel good about themselves.
And cleaning up after cooking teaches them responsibility.
What are some experiences you've had regarding kids cooking?


Joanne Brown said...

I always cooked with my sons when they were little. Sadly, the interest dwindled as more "manly" activities beckoned them. My youngest is now 30 and will call to ask cooking questions like, "How do you make mashed potatoes?"

Janet Ann Collins said...

At least he's willing to do that much cooking.