Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Natural Disasters

Earthquakes. Floods. Droughts. Storms. Hurricanes. It seems like every week or so there's another natural disaster somewhere in the world. I don't know if more are actually happening or we're just more aware of them because of quick information through technology, but a lot of people have certainly been affected.
Many years ago I was involved in a Yahoo group that got into a discussion about disasters. We wanted to know which kind was worst.
Strangely, everyone who participated was sure the kind that happened where they lived was preferable to others.
People who lived where hurricanes happen said those were better because the weather service always gave advance warning so they could prepare.
People who lived where tornadoes happen said those were preferable because they only damaged a thin strip of the area.
People who lived in earthquake areas said they'd rather deal with those because serious ones were decades apart.
Personally, I think forest fires are the most dangerous because they happen often, cover huge areas, and can't be predicted.
What kind of natural disaster do you think is worst? Which kind would you rather deal with?

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