Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sea Turtle Summer

Two girls on a beach are amazed to watch an endangered Loggerhead sea turtle lay her eggs, although they usually only do that at night.
But a big machine is coming to clear the beach and no ranger is available. Can the children manage to protect the eggs?
Sea Turtle Summer by Nancy Stewart is part of the series about Bella and Britt, the two girls who were also the main characters in Stewart's best-selling book, One Pelican at a Time, about the Gulf Oil Spill. Like that prior book, this one not only helps readers learn to appreciate our natural world, it shows them that even kids can make a positive difference in the world by standing up for what is right.
The illustrations by Samantha Bell carry us away to the sunny beach and show us what the endangered turtles really look like.
This is another book that would make a great gift for kids.


Nicole weaver said...

Great review Janet. I too, have read and reviewed this wonderful book. It is so encouraging to read books that shows young people doing what is right. Thanks for sharing this great review.

Nicole Weaver
Trilingual Author

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks, Nicole.

Anonymous said...

Just the right amount of a "teaser" to entice a reader to learn more. Nice review, Janet. And congrats to Nancy for another great story.

Bill Kirk said...

Oops. Forgot to add my name/URL so it came out "anonymous".

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks, Bill. I wondered who that mysterious person could be.