Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Since this is Black History Month it seems like a good time to talk about prejudice even though I've blogged about that topic before. Prejudice is assuming all members of a group are alike and bigotry is a negative prejudice against a group of humans.
While there are still some people who hold the prejudices against minorities common fifty years ago, there are also members of those minorities who are prejudiced against the majority. I've seen situations where black people showed prejudice against whites and Jewish people showed prejudice against Christians, assuming all members of those groups are bigots. Two wrongs don't make a right.
Some people with special needs are also victims of bigotry.
I've known wealthy people who said anyone with financial problems must be stupid and lazy and other people who believed anyone with plenty of money must be a selfish snob.
This is the twenty-first century. Isn't it time we realized that human beings are individuals? Let's stop labeling each other. Please.


Connie Arnold said...

Prejudices are so sad! Children need parents who don't display it through their words and actions, but rather encourage them to accept all different kinds of people.

Janet Ann Collins said...

You are certainly correct, Connie.