Saturday, March 17, 2012


My mother used to call me "little mother of all the world" because I was always kind to every kind of creature, including worms. I guess I still am.
If I see poor little earthworms stranded on a sidewalk or street after a rainstorm I usually stop and put them back in the nearest yard or flower bed. After all, they help enrich the soil and it isn't their fault they're slimy.
When a retired pastor I know found out I rescue worms he told me, "On the day of judgement all the worms will rise up and praise your name." (Thanks Rev. Earl.) Now that's an interesting image!
My newest book, Slime & All, even has a giant, talking worm as the main character.
Maybe I should become known as Worm Woman.
But am I really unusual to like earthworms? What about you? Do you like worms, hate them, or ignore them?

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