Saturday, April 14, 2012


Our society in the USA and those in most of the world are controlled by money.
But money, like words, only has value because we agree that it does.
Paper money may stand for gold, but even gold is only valuable because people think it is. Yes, it's pretty. Yes, it's rare. But you can't use it for clothing or shelter and it isn't good to eat or drink. And gold - or money - can't love anyone. Today gold may be used in some electronic devices, but historically it couldn't produce heat or light.
Why did humans in ancient times consider it a treasure?
In today's world it would be extremely difficult to survive without money in some form whether that be gold, cash, checks, credit and debit cards or legally binding promises.
But a lot of the things we have or wish we had are simply status symbols, pretty and pleasant like gold, but not essential. We do really need clothes, shelter, utilities, food and water, transportation, medical care and love.
The greatest of these is love, which is priceless.


Great Plains said...

It sort of does make you wonder doesn't it... what the world would be like without money? Would we still be swapping shells as a token of exchange or would we simply exchange a pineapple for a dozen eggs? I think in some way when our populations moved into cities and in places where we could not sustain ourselves we were doomed to create and depend on money. However people must not become slaves to it, we need to regard our money as a tool, using it but never becoming owned by it. Great blog enjoyed. May you find wealth in every thing you do.

Janet Ann Collins said...