Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Learning Styles and Clutter

Nearly everyone has a predominant learning style and mine is visual. I'm also a somewhat kinesthetic learner and not much of an auditory one. I need to see things to remember them and tend to take notes in workshops and lectures at writers conferences.

Several times I've read housecleaning advice that says you should get rid of things you keep because of sentimental value and only keep one item to remind you of a specific loved one. That's nonsense to me. I don't keep things to keep from forgetting people, but to enjoy thinking of experiences I had with them. But if I get piles of papers in my office I find it difficult to write and most of the time things in my other rooms are put away where they belong. I think I have those tendencies because of my dominant learning style.

So here's a question: Do learning styles have a big influence on parts of people's lives besides learning?

For example, do they influence how most people keep their environments? Do kids who are visual learners tend to keep their rooms tidier than, say, auditory learners?

And do they influence talents? Are visual learners likely to be artistic? Are athletes usually kinesthetic learners? Do most auditory learners have musical abilities?

How do your dominant learning styles effect your life?

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