Saturday, September 8, 2012

Signs of Trouble

I don't often post things about my own books because I don't want to be a bragger. But I've recently been in some Special Ed classes at local schools and was reminded why I wrote Signs of Trouble. It's about kids on a field trip who get separated from their Special Education class and use what they've learned about recognizing signs and following safety rules to get reunited with them.

Many years ago I worked as an aide in a Special Ed class that took similar field trips and later I took my preschool students on similar trips. Of course no kids ever got separated from us in real life.

The educational activities in the back would be useful for teachers of kids with various special needs and any young children because it helps them learn how to stay safe and develop beginning reading skills. It would also help children who don't have special needs learn to understand those who do.

And when I've read it aloud the laughter and other reactions show the story is enjoyable.

Local bookstores can order Signs of Trouble, it's available at the usual online stores and can be ordered from the publisher at

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