Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Arachnabet, an Alphabet of Spiders

Arachnabet, an Alphabet of Spiders by Tracey M. Cox is an unusual book. It's a picture alphabet book, and those are usually intended for little kids. However the pictures in this book are photos of various kinds of spiders and their habitats, and the book is full of scientific information.

No wonder the age span of intended readers is from five to twelve years old. In fact I'm a grown up, and I found the book fascinating. and learned things I'd never known before. Some of the scientific names may be a bit challenging for younger readers, but they'll probably still enjoy the book and feel proud of being able to use that vocabulary.

The photos are beautiful, fascinating and, for most kids, not scary. In fact, some people who are afraid of spiders might find reading this book helps them get over that fear.

The information about spiders that goes with each alphabet letter is just enough to make readers want to learn more, and more is provided in the Taking a Closer Look section at the back of the book.

Kids will find this book helpful for school projects and any of them who are interested in science and nature will enjoy reading it just for fun.


Susan Hornbach said...

Sounds like a wonderful book for all ages Jan. Thanks for Sharing your review. Wishing you great success Tracey.

Margot Finke said...

Spiders are fascinating. So I love the idea of a PB like this. Would have liked to add your review to my Pinterest Reviews, but there is no cover picture.

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Penelope Anne Cole said...

Hi Jan, Nice review. I think it does help to learn more about these amazing creatures. Budding scientists will enjoy this book. My daughter likes to say "Did you know . . . " and then tell some little known fact. Wishing Tracey much success.

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks for the nice comments, everyone.