Saturday, May 25, 2013


Earthquakes. Tornadoes. Bombings. Floods. Shootings. Bridges collapsing. Tsunamis. Wars.

Is it just me, or do disasters seem to be happening more often lately?

About a year ago I blogged about natural disasters here: 
but lots of the bad things that have happened lately are caused by humans.

Of course we hear about things that happen far away much more quickly than we used to because of the internet, so we probably weren't as aware of distant disasters a few decades ago.

When I felt the earthquake last night I went online to Facebook from comments there I immediately learned where and how strong it was.

Thanks to the internet, we can have fast, frequent, personal contact with lots of people who live far from us.

It's a good thing that people are more united than they used to be so we can be friends with those who are different from ourselves. Prejudices haven't gone away, but they're less prevalent than they were in the past.

The quick communication allows us to help each other, too. People all over the world make financial contributions to relief agencies and send supporting messages to others dealing with the problems. Those who travel to help people who need assistance can arrive quickly because they know about the need immediately.

Yes, we have lots of bad things happening, but it's a good thing that people all over the world are learning to care about each other. 

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