Saturday, November 16, 2013

It's Almost Time

Hurry! There are only about six weeks to go!

Hurry about what? No, this isn't some special offer to get you to spend money. It's a reminder that the year is almost coming to an end and lots of us haven't fulfilled the New Year's Resolutions we made back in January.

To tell the truth, I can't even remember what resolutions I made, if there were any.

Lots of people - maybe even most people - don't actually accomplish what they vowed to do at the beginning of a year, but, at least for some of us, it might not be too late. We have a little more than six weeks to go before the end of 2013 and the beginning of the next new year. That means some resolutions can still be completed.

What about you?

Did you resolve to do something in 2013?

If so, what was it?

Did you keep your resolution?

If not, do you think you still might be able to do so before the end of the year?

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