Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How Many Books?

I was deciding how many copies of my books I should take to the group book signings I'll soon be participating in when I thought of a question. How many books - not those I've written myself - do I own?

I started to count the ones in the nearest bookcase, but realized it would take me all day to count every book in the house. And the books vary greatly in thickness from picture books to huge volumes, so I couldn't just figure out how many feet of shelf space they took up. 

 There are 62 shelves of books in my house and the shelf sizes also vary. Trying to estimate the total was overwhelming but I figured there must be at least 2000 books in my house. Most of them I've read at least a few times.

And that doesn't even take into account the ones on my e-readers. (I haven't read most of those anyway, because I prefer the real, hard copies.)

Then there are the library books. I get and read some of those almost every week.

Obviously I'm a bookaholic and I have no intention of ever getting into recovery.

How many books do you have in your house?


Penelope Cole said...

Hi Jan, I don't know how many books I have either. I don't have as many as you since I've given a lot away. I have 5 small bookcases in one room, and two others in the office and my room. I think I have a box of children's books I haven't unpacked. So, lots. I have no more space for bookcases, which is why I have the kindle. I like to read at night and it's easier to hold than a real book. But for research, I like a real book, so I can have more than one open at a time. I love books, too, but I have to write more, so I read less. Happy reading and writing!

Janet Ann Collins said...

I guess we're both bookaholics.