Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Controversial Post

I normally blog about words (language,) books, and kids so this post is off topic. Sorry about that.

I recently talked to someone whose family member was recently released from the military and is looking for work. The logical sort of job for him would be as a police officer or fire-fighter because of his experience.

Probably lots of people in similar positions have also sought, and often gotten, jobs in law enforcement.

And it's not unlikely that many them have PTSD.

Lately we've been seeing a lot of news about police violence toward minority people.  Racial bigotry is still prevalent and that's terrible.

But I wonder if the officers who did such things might have PTSD and be reverting to their training in the military in a subconscious way.

Thousands - and even hundreds - of years ago prejudice was a survival instinct because when someone saw people who looked different it was likely those people were coming to take over their territory.

Today bigotry is no longer helpful and it's extremely harmful, but I wonder if people who have been in situations like wars where the "different" people are the enemy have somehow had that survival instinct revived.

Are people with PTSD more likely to be bigots?

If so, should the government provide some sort of training for people leaving the service to help them get over it?

Those are just questions, statements. It can be a very controversial topic and I'm interested in what you think about it.

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