Saturday, June 20, 2015

Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins?

What a fun book this one is!

Jessica discovers she has the ability to become invisible. But then she finds out certain other kids who she doesn't especially like also have super powers. 

And something evil is going on.

Eventually Jessica and her best friend manage to join forces with those kids to combat the evil. And, as the tension grows, others kids she knows also develop super powers.

But they're still only kids, they have to keep their powers secret, and the potential for something terrible happening if they fail is huge.

Can they stop the bad guy?

In Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins Liz Keller has written an exciting, believable book and kids who read it will certainly identify with the characters. (Of course readers will wish for super powers of their own, too.)

I was surprised to learn that the author lives in England, because the story could happen in America and there weren't any differences in the school setting or terminology.

Kids who live anywhere in the world will be able to identify with the characters and enjoy the book - a lot.


Susan Hornbach said...

Thanks for a great review Jan. glad I stopped by.

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks for commenting, Susan. Most people only comment on my blogposts on Facebook.