Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Rainbow of Friendship

Anyone who reads my blog posts often knows I want to help people accept others who are different from themselves.

A Rainbow of Friendship by Joni Klein-Higger is a book that does exactly that.

Its about a girl who lives where everything - and everyone - is the same. Then she discovers a rainbow world with kids of all different colors. 

At first she's afraid, but she has fun with the other children and learns that, while it's important that everyone is unique, together we make something beautiful.

Of course the illustrations by Eileen Goldenberg are bright and colorful.

The text rhymes nicely and I imagined it becoming the lyrics to a song. Then I discovered the author has written and recorded music called Friendship to go with it that's available on i-tunes.

Kids could sing along in their classrooms or at home!

But, even without music, I'm sure teachers will want to use this book to teach their students to accept each other. And parents will want to read it to their own kids, too.


BarbaraB said...

Hi Janet Ann, Thanks for letting us know about this interesting-sounding book. The theme is very important. My congratulations to Joni, for both the story and the song that goes along with it.

Janet Ann Collins said...

I appreciate your comment, Barbara.

Karin Larson said...

What a terrific sounding book and great review! Many congrats!!!

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thank you, Karen.