Saturday, January 28, 2017


I've blogged about names before because they fascinate me.

There are dozens of names related to my first name, Janet. It means 'gracious gift of God,' or 'God gives grace' and some of the various forms from different languages include John, Juan, Sean, Jeanette, Juanita, Shawna, and Janice, to name only a few.

Then there are the last, or surnames.

Lots of those were originally based on people's careers, where they lived, or what they looked like. Names with "son" or "s" at the end told what family someone was from.

Towns and cities were often given names that described their locations. Others were named after people who originally owned or ruled the land where they were built, or who were famous. Others were named after historical events. Sometimes when places were settled by people who had traveled  from far away they were named after the residents' previous homes, often with the prefix, "New." And some were named after deities or religious figures like saints.

And people often give names to animals - unless they plan to kill them for food.

Do you know the meaning of your names and the place where you live?

If you have pets, what are their names and why did you choose those?

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