Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Shadow of Fear

I often review other people’s books on my blog, but it’s time to share about some of my own.
A Shadow of Fear is a short book for Middle Grade kids. It’s about a boy named Ben who wants to prove to his parents that he’s mature enough to go to camp like his older brother does. He decides to try to act like Jesus, but doing that is harder than he thought it would be. 
Ben has a friend who uses a wheelchair and needs him to do something really dangerous. Can Ben really face his fears and do that?
I was very grateful to learn that one kid who read this book decided to face his own fears and doing so made a difference in his life. I hope other kids who read this book will also learn to do what is right even if they’re afraid.

A Shadow of Fear was published by Mantle Rock Publishing. It can be purchased online or ordered at local bookstores.

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