Saturday, December 9, 2017

Books as Gifts

Back when I was a kid I always got a book for Christmas and still have most of them today. I’ve shared them with my kids, grandkids and students over the years, and still sometimes re-read them myself. 
I always enjoy getting books as presents and often give them to other people.
There’s something about unwrapping a hard copy someone cared enough to choose for me that makes a book a special gift. 
And, even in this world of e-books and other tech things, I sometimes give books to other people for Christmas. 
Of course I’d love to have people give books I’ve written to others, but I hope lots of people will give whatever books they think their loved ones will like to them.
In another decade most of today’s technology will be obsolete and the likelihood of kids sharing  today’s e-books with their own kids and grandkids is practically nil. But hard copies are much more likely to last.

And every time someone notices a book you gave them on a shelf, they’ll be reminded that you cared enough to give it.

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