Saturday, November 29, 2008

Learning Curve

Several weeks ago I began writing about my journey as a writer and told about my first publishing experiences. After attending conferences, reading books, and improving my craft I began having things published in periodicals and newspapers on a regular basis and had definitely become a professional writer. But my dream was to write books for children, and I finally signed a contract for a picture book that will be published in the Fall of 2009. Soon I'll be an author, not "just" a writer.
Now I'm learning an incredible amount of new information about book publicity and marketing, especially the internet kind. As a beginner, when I joined the virtual book tour group I didn't realize it was far too early to begin that sort of publicity for my own book, so I won't be doing that sort of thing again for a while. However you can still expect to see book reviews here every so often because it's hard to resist sharing about the ones I read.

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