Monday, December 1, 2008

Writer, Beware

If you're a writer, beware! Once people know what you do they may react in peculiar ways. For example, I used to write feature articles for a newspaper in the San Francisco Bay Area and someone I knew would call me and complain every time the newspaper wasn't delivered to her house on time. It made no difference how often I tried to explain that neither I nor my editor had anything to do with circulation. She was sure I could control her delivery person. Fortunately the delivery was usually on schedule, so she didn't feel the need to call me about that very often. 
And then there was the first time I spoke at a Christian writers conference. Several of the wannabes who had never attended a conference before followed me around all weekend, acting like they worshipped me. That was scary. Fortunately it never happened again at any other conference where I've spoken, and I hope it never will. That experience sure made me feel sorry for the movie stars, politicians, and other celebrities who are treated like that all the time.

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Terra said...

Hi, I read your comment today on TWV and came over here to see you.
I laughed a bit about how folks would demand you get their newspaper delivery straightened out.
People occasionally tell me "oh I could do that" when they hear about a story I sold to a magazine.
One friend asked me for writing advice and I told her "you must read first, many quality books, so you are familiar with fine writing."
She doesn't read. Tee hee, oh the life of the writer.