Saturday, January 24, 2009

Public Speaking

Many conference speakers and books about writing tell us it's necessary for authors to do public speaking to promote their books. I'm always amazed to see the statistics showing what a high percentage of people find that terrifying. I enjoy public speaking a lot. Of course the fact that I used to be a substitute teacher might help, even though I couldn't give misbehaving audience members a time out. But I've never had anyone cause trouble in one of my classes or workshops, and, like most people, everyone I've spoken to publicly has been nice. 
If you're a writer who feels uncomfortable about public speaking I suggest you read about the Stanislavski method of acting. The basic idea is that the audience sees what the actor is thinking and feeling, so actors need to think and feel what their characters would. 
When I speak to groups I don't worry about what they will think of me, but concentrate on how I can meet their needs and best communicate the information in my notes.  Sharing that way is fun and certainly not scary. Try it; You may like it.

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