Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Words On Onwords

I'm frustrated! I signed up for Google Alerts to let me know when people access my website or this blog, or add something relevant to their own. Unfortunately there are an amazing number of people who don't know how to spell the word, onwards, and use "onwords" instead so I get notified about their misspellings. 
The title of this blog was intended to be a play on words, combining the idea of writing on the topic of words with the concept of moving onwards. I've always loved language humor. The bun may be the lowest form of wheat, but the pun is far from the lowest form of wit. 
Up words!


Illustrator Kevin Collier said...

Place a google alert on your entire name. That may help. I love your writing, and look forward to your first book coming from Guardian Angel Publishing this fall!
- Kevin

Kit said...

Janet with a name like Kit, I get dollhouse kits, leaf kits, boat kits and every kit made- sometimes interesting stuff-
Kit Grady