Saturday, February 7, 2009

Classics for Kids

I've been sick and unable to go to the library or a bookstore, and my brain isn't up to anything difficult. Since I can't do much else I plan to read a book from my childhood. There are quite a few of those on my shelves. Let's see....  
Somehow I must choose between The Wizard of Oz, Little Women, Little House on the Prairie, Heidi, The Three Musketeers, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, Black Beauty, The Railway Children, Robin Hood, Tales from Shakespeare, and many more. How can I possibly decide which one to read first? All of them have become classics because they're good books.
Suggestions would be welcome.


Susan J. Berger said...

That is a Tough choice. You might try Wizard of Oz. I was looking at the original one last night (the one where Dorothy has a pair of silver slippers) and realized, she melts the witch 2/3rd's of the way through the book and then she visits a lot of other places. I must reread this. I did not remember that

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks, Susan. I've already read Little House on the Prairie and I'll take your suggestion today.