Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How to Write a Story

Nearly every story in the world has the same basic plot. Making up your own story is a good cure for boredom and may even help you become a published writer someday. It's even possible for a group of people to create a single story if everyone contributes something. Here's how to make up a story 1. First you need a main character, sometimes called the hero or protagonist. This person (or other creature) must be original. For example, your story could be about a mouse, but not about Mickey Mouse. Who is your story about? 2. The main character must want something very badly. What does your character want? 3. Something is preventing that character from getting what he or she wants. What keeps your character from getting it? 4. The character tries to solve the problem and get what he or she wants. In a long story the character might try several different things and either fail at each of them or, each time one problem is solved, something else happens to keep him or her from reaching the goal. In a short story the protagonist might solve the problem right away and not have any more problems. How does your hero try to solve the problem? Does it work or not? If not, what is the next thing to try? 5. The main character either does or doesn't get what he or she wanted. That's the end of the story. Usually getting it is needed for a happy ending, but sometimes the character realizes he or she didn't really want that goal after all, so not getting it can still be a happy ending. Young kids can have a grown up write down their stories and older kids can write their own. You might read or tell the story to somebody else, or draw illustrations and make it into a book. Sometimes it's fun just to make up a story in your mind and not share it with anyone. If any brave kids want to make up short stories and send them as comments to this blog post they may be read by lots of people. But, like most editors, if I don't like the stories I won't publish them.

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