Saturday, May 16, 2009

Invented Words

 Have you ever invented words?

        Here are some that were made up by kids  (and adults) I've known. See if you can guess what they mean.

       *Trigadierdillions (hint; this word is used in a list after "billions and trillions.")

       * Disgusticating

       * Grossifying

       * Trigatutely  (hint; this word is used after "absolutely.")

       * Frustrifications

         Can you think of any others?

       All words were made up by someone at some time, but more and more new words are being added to the English language because so many new things are getting invented and discovered. Only ten years ago most people wouldn't have known what "blog" means. And did you know that "google" used to be a scientific term that meant one number less than infinity? It's easy to see why that word was chosen as a name for a search engine, but even the people who chose it didn't know we would now use it as a verb.

          It's fun to invent words, and if you make some up it's not impossible that they might actually become a part of our language. Why not try? If you ever think of some good ones I'd love to know what they are.

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