Saturday, July 11, 2009


It wasn't easy designing and ordering bookmarks for my middle grade book that will be published in August. The publisher supplied the cover art, but I had to figure out the text.
That made me think about bookmarks in general. I have dozens of them in various places around the house where I'm likely to sit and read, but I don't like to use them.
Ideally it would be possible always to sit down with a good book and keep reading until the end, but life isn't always ideal. Often it's necessary to stop in the middle of reading an interesting passage and do something else. When that happens, bookmarks are a practical help, making it easy to find the right place and start reading again without flipping through pages.
Somehow using little slips of paper or turning the open book face down doesn't work nearly as well.
Okay, it's time to face the facts. Bookmarks really are a convenience and I hope kids who like to read will find mine helpful.

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