Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kathy Stemke's Suggestions

As promised, here are some fun activities Kathy Stemke, author of Moving Through All Seven Days, suggests to help young kids learn through movement.


String seven bells on a string with the each day of the week spelled out. Add a picture of the foods mentioned in the rhyme below. Great for jump rope chants:

Monday, meatball, start the week, Tuesday, tunafish, what a treat. Wednesday, watermelon, red and cool, Thursday, turkey, that’s the rule, Friday, French fries, eat them hot, Saturday, slurpees, thanks a lot, Sunday, spaghetti, sun or rain, Then start the week all over again!


Make a poster of seven empty boxes.

Using tacky the kids put the days of the week in order from Sunday to Saturday.

For fun you can blindfold each child, spin them three times, and see how close to the right spot they can place their day on the boxes.


In each suitcase there is a piece of clothing for each day of the week.

On Monday we wear mittens.

On Tuesday we wear a tee shirt.

On Wednesday we wear a wig.

On Thursday we wear a tank top.

On Friday we wear a feather boa.

On Saturday we wear socks.

On Sunday we wear sneakers.

On command, one child runs to the suitcase says, “Monday” as they put on the mittens. He runs back and sits down. They next child says, “Tuesday” as he puts on the T-shirt. Etc. The first team to be finished and seated wins!


Make a poster with all seven days of the week printed out.

Cut each day into their syllables.

Sun day

Mon day

Tues day

Wed nes day

Thurs day

Fri day

Sa tur day

Give the cards to the children. Call three children at a time to make words until all the days are spelled out and in order.

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For more about Kathy and her book please look at my previous post.

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