Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thunder and Lightning

When I was a little tyke we lived on the East Coast where thunderstorms happened often in the summer. They terrified my mother, who was from California, but she didn't want me to be afraid. Once when she screamed and I asked what was wrong she told me she was trying to yell louder than the thunder.
I was never allowed to shout inside our apartment otherwise but from then on every time I heard thunder I was allowed to yell, "BOOM!" What fun!
As a preschool teacher I used the same technique with my classes and children who had been frightened by thunder usually came to enjoy it. Most kids love shouting as loudly as they can with adult approval.
Now I live in California where thunderstorms are rare and usually only happen in the winter. Although I know the storms can be dangerous, especially in wooded areas where they can start forest fires, I still love thunder and lightning. If I'm lucky, we might have some soon.

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