Saturday, October 2, 2010


You are growing sleeeepy. Very sleeepy. You are in their power. You can't live without those products. They will make you healthy, happy and admired. You neeed them. You must give them your money now!
Okay, so advertising isn't actually hypnotism, but it comes close. Ads are everywhere we go and everywhere we look. TV, the internet, billboards, radio, newspapers, magazines, labels, and many other places bombard us with them at home, at work, and out in public places. The advertisers really do try to sneak their brand names into our subconscious minds and make us believe we can't do without whatever they want to sell us.
And they start targeting babies and young children with commercials and cute insignias long before the little ones can read and don't stop trying to influence people for the rest of their lives. Even though we may think we resist them, they're in our memories. Even the most irritating commercials make us remember and be more likely to buy the products they advertise simply because the names are familiar.
So, how can we resist?
Following a budget and making choices based on what is truly important to us can help a lot.


Connie Arnold said...

That's so true, Jan! Of course, that's what the advertisers want to accomplish. It's not a good thing for children to see all those advertisements and think they should have all that stuff (or adults either)!

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks, Connie.