Saturday, October 16, 2010

Missing in Action

If you read my posts often you know I read a lot of books for kids. Here's one I enjoyed a lot: Missing in Action by Dean Hughes.
This original work of historical fiction that takes place during World War Two and will appeal to boys.
Jay, the main character, is part American Indian and has recently moved to a town near the Japanese internment camp, Topaz. He must cope with memories of his abusive father, who is missing in action, improve his baseball skills, and deal with the usual social problems of a kid in a new community. While trying to fit in and make new friends, he gets to know a young Japanese man who works for his grandfather. When other people in the community discover that Jay associates with a Jap, things become difficult.
Besides being an exciting book with well-drawn characters, the book will help readers think about prejudice in a new way.
I recommend it highly.

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