Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Keep On Blogging

More than ten years ago the word, blog, didn't exist. It originated as a combination of the world wide web (www) and a log where people posted things they wrote online as if they were writing in a journal. Blog is short for web log and blog has also become a verb.
Five years ago I had no idea I would ever be one of those blogging people, but I've been doing it here for three years.
When blogs first became popular they were considered an easy way for authors to publicize their books because there weren't very many blogs and most of them had lots of readers. Now, of course, there are thousands -- perhaps even millions -- of blogs and people have become selective about which ones they read, so blogging can't be used for publicity as easily as it once was.
When my first book was under contract I was told it was important to have a blog so, being a good girl, I started this one. But I didn't want it only to be a form of advertising for my books and wondered how I could possibly think of something new to post twice a week. Probably I'd run out of ideas and have to give up in a few months.
Well, obviously that hasn't happened. It seems there's always more to say about words, books and kids. I've reviewed dozens of books, including classics I loved as a child, library books I enjoy, and new books written by authors I know. Hints and information about kids, parenting, and language have often appeared here, too. And I can always post links to other sites.
Since my posts appear on Facebook most of the comments people make are on that site but that's okay.
While it's great if people who read my blog posts also buy my books, I'd probably keep blogging even if the books were all out of print because it's a fun way to communicate.
Those of us who blog may never run out of things to say.


Nancy Stewart said...

Janet, Here's hoping we never run out of things to say! I think about that a lot, and then something else pops up.

I, too, was a non-blogger not very long ago. And now I'm addicted! Should be a cautionary tale, but I'm too far gone...

Great post!

kathy stemke said...

We won't run out of things to say, but we may run out of time!

Fun post, Janet.

Janet Ann Collins said...

I don't think we'll ever get into recovery, but we certainly may run out of time.

BarbaraB said...

Hi Janet,
How quickly a new thing becomes an ingrained part of our lives. My path to blogging was similar to yours, but I've only been blogging for little over a year.
I enjoyed reading this post.

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks, Barbara.

Cheryl said...

Great post, Janet. I love blogging. I definitely think it's one of those love it or hate it kind of things--like American Idol.

Keep up the great work!


Janet Ann Collins said...

Thank you Cheryl. Personally, I'd much rather blog than watch that show.

Susan J. Berger said...

It's fascinating the way it has become a part of our lives. And Facebook! Pen and Ink started a Facebook page
Pen N. InkBlog so we could have an author page. Now I can't believe the number of well know authors we are friends with. I don't see how you manage a blog all by yourself. You're terrific.

Janet Ann Collins said...

What a nice compliment, Susan! But I tend to talk too much so probably I'm just channelling that into blog posts.

Dale Harcombe said...

Like you Janet I don't find I'm stuck for things to write about Just reviewing books I read keeps me out of mischief or tips about writing, not to mention interviews with other writrs and publicising my latest novel, Streets on a Map. Lately I've had more reading time