Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chip's Sharing Day

Why do parents think it's okay to invite kids into their homes and expect their own children to share their private possessions and get along with them?

In Chip's Sharing Day by Linda Derkez a boy's home is invaded by relatives, his mother insists that he share his toys with a cousin - and the cousin is a girl!

Shouldn't he have something to say about all that?

Well, he does take her to his room, but keeps stopping her from playing with his things. Chip acts like a bully and teases the girl by calling her Dorkie instead of Dorcas, but in the end she turns the tables and they become friends.

Although the cute illustrations by Phoebe Doehring show the characters in this book to be bears, most human kids will be able to identify with them. And maybe some parents who read the story to their kids will realize it takes more than a command to teach children to share and be polite.

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