Saturday, June 30, 2012

Whispering Wally

I just read a cute picture book by Kevin Scott Collier about a whale who is afraid to use his loud voice. I've seen other books by Collier and, like the others, Whispering Wally one has bright and cheerful illustrations and a plot with a positive message for young kids.

But what I like best about Whispering Wally is his own blog where you can watch him in a video of another story and download learning activities for kids. The URL is

Kevin Collier and his wife Kristen have a webpage where they show the many books and products they've created to encourage family values.  They're currently offering some free giveaways on the site,


Penelope Cole said...

Hi Jan, Thanks for the extra information on a fun book by Kevin Collier.

Nancy Stewart said...

Yaaay, Jan and Kevin,

Thanks for the review and for the book. Hope it does well!

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks for the comments, Nancy and Penelope.

Susan Hornbach said...

Wishing Kevin and Jan great success. Thanks for sharing Connie.

billkirkwrites said...

Always enjoy reading your reviews, Jan. glad to see Kevin's creativity shining among the latest releases.


Janet Ann Collins said...

Thank you, Bill. Kevin certainly is talented.