Saturday, November 24, 2012

Myth-Busting Columbus

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas and Hanukkah aren't here yet, though we're already being bombarded with ads to buy gifts. Columbus Day was almost a month ago and I wish I'd read this book soon enough to recommend it for that holiday. However it's a good one for any time of the year.

Everyone in America has heard of Christopher Columbus discovering the New World and many people, even adults, believe he was a hero but there's lots of information in this book that brings his heroism into question. I've seen most of it before, but never combined into a book for kids.

Myth-Busting Christopher Columbus by Kelly Bakshi not only tells all about Columbus, it does so in a friendly style that will engage kids with questions. The illustrations are all photos, some of historical paintings, maps, and documents, and colorful ones of places and items mentioned in the book.

In my opinion every elementary school in America should have at least one copy of this book and it should be used in all classrooms that teach about Columbus Day. Homeschooling parents would find it helpful, too. And lots of kids will enjoy reading it themselves.

Some of them would like to get it as a present for the upcoming holiday.


Penelope Anne Cole said...

Hi Janet, I agree. We need more facts in schools about Columbus. He's been honored for years and that should have been tempered with the reality of what he did. I reviewed Kelly's book, too, and hope it gets into classrooms and libraries to help give a balanced perspective.

Margot Finke said...

Schools definitely need books about history that grab a kid's interest. so many schools use are B-O-R-ING!

Kelly's book on Christopher Columbus sounds just the ticket to make history interesting. Congrats, mate!!

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Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks, Margot and Penelope.

Nancy Stewart said...

Very nice review! I agree. This is a terrific book for schools and libraries. Congratulations.

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thank you, Nancy.

Kelly Bakshi said...

Jan thanks so much for the great review and thanks to all who commented. I hope that giving kids the chance to examine facts and draw their own conclusions hooks them into history!

Janet Ann Collins said...

Kelly, you did a great job writing this book and I'm sure it will help lots of people.