Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Who Do You Thank?

Okay, you've probably read dozens of things this week about being thankful for your blessings, etc. and that's important. But some thanking is ordinary and should be done all year long, and not just during the holidays.

Sometimes even those who seem to be a nuisance deserve our thanks. If people get pulled over for speeding and get tickets they won't feel grateful, but the police officers are saving lives by doing that job. The building inspector who requires someone's time to check things may be preventing a fire or keeping people from being cheated by lazy contractors.

Every time I must wait while traffic coming the other direction passes a construction zone I try to thank the person who required me to stop. Just imagine what would happen if if nobody did that job.
Several years ago I blogged about that and you can read the post here:

And then there are the people who are doing things we do like. It's nice to thank a teacher, doctor, or other professional who is doing a good job, but contacting one of those people from your past and expressing gratitude means even more. And authors love to hear from readers that something they wrote made a difference. Even the checker or bagger at a grocery store would love to hear that someone appreciates the job they do.

Those are only a few examples. I'm sure you can think of many more people who deserve thanks, not only at Thanksgiving time, but all year long.


Anonymous said...

Janet, Happy Thanksgiving!

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks, Susanne. Same to you.

Penelope Anne Cole said...

Hi Janet, Thanks for your post. It's important to say thank you everyday--we all need and want appreciation. When we give thanks to those doing a good job, we feel good, too. Where we live we don't often see folks in military uniform. But just before Thanksgiving I saw a woman in uniform and blurted out "Thank you," meaning thank you for your service, but didn't get it all out. She smiled and nodded--we both felt good. I'm grateful for everyday folks who help us just by doing their jobs well.