Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Land of Lost Socks

When I was a kid I loved performing in plays and was in lots of them. Performing in front of an audience is a good way for kids to develop confidence, and learning to memorize lines will probably help their memories. That's why I'm posting this review of a musical play for kids.

Land of Lost Socks was written by Jane Tesh with music and lyrics by Joni Klein-Higger. Both women have had plenty experience writing this sort of thing.

The plot involves a kid whose older brother tells him to "get lost" - and he does! To Joel's surprise he finds himself in the place where everything that was ever lost goes. Of course there are piles of lost socks, other clothes, toys  and many other things. (Lots of props will be needed to perform this play.) But there are also famous people who disappeared, and even lost communities and cultures.

Can Joel ever get home?

The play allows for a lot of kids to participate, so it would be great for school performances. There are parts for at least a dozen kids and, preferably, more. And the lost cultures and people in the play could be used to introduce those topics in Social Studies classes.

But the play is not serious. The characters, plot, and music are all fun and performing in it will be fun, too.

Okay, kids, Break a leg!


Susan Hornbach said...

I love the idea of a musical play for children. This one sounds intriguing and something with a new twist. How great is this for a teacher and a parent to involve children in a wonderful activity? Great review Jan, and Joni & Jane, I wish you both much success.

penelope anne cole said...

Hi Jan, Great review! I'm glad there are plays and musicals just for kids to perform. My daughter was in them all through elementary at school and church. Wishing Jane and Joni much success.

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thank you, Susan and Penelope.

Unknown said...

Great review, Jan. This is such a worthy work for kids, and I am delighted for you, Joni. Kudos to you both!

Joni Klein-Higger said...

Thanks so much Susan, Penelope and Nancy. And thank you, Jan, for your great review. I'm so glad you enjoyed it:)

Janet Ann Collins said...

I appreciate all the comments.