Saturday, August 10, 2013


Okay, I sometimes blog about words and language and here are two phrases a lot of people don't know. If you do understand what they mean you're undoubtably either an old fogey like me or a history buff.

Instead of explaining what they mean I'll see if anyone else is brave enough to post explanations on my blog. If nobody else defines the phrases I'll post an explanation in the comments section this evening.

Okay, here we go: who can explain the meaning of "drugstore wrap" and/or "hospital corners?"

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Janet Ann Collins said...

Okay, here's the explanation.

Before contour sheets were invented flat bottom sheets had the bottoms and tops tucked in, then corners pulled up into a sort of triangle and then tucked under the mattresses. Back when most drugstores served food and beverages sandwiches were wrapped in waxed paper. It was folded over and back on the long side and the sides were done sort of like the corners on sheets to keep the air out. Of course plastic bags have made that obsolete. Thanks to Sandy Sherman Smith for commenting on this on my Facebook page.