Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Bifrost Bridge

I was eleven years old when I fell in love with mythology and I would have loved The Bifrost Bridge by James Bradley Clarke. It's a story about two Nordic princesses, Silje and Hanne, who are cousins. The whole story could have been one of the Norse myths.

It's exciting and includes all sorts of characters from mythology as well as others who could have been part of the ancient legends because they all fit together seamlessly in the exciting plot. And the Northern European culture in the Middle Ages is portrayed realistically.

This book is quite original and not just another standard fantasy/fairy tale. I won't give away secrets by telling more about the story, but I'm sure lots of kids will enjoy reading it.

While the main characters are girls, there's enough action and adventure in the book so lots of boys will enjoy the book, too.

The Bifrost Bridge isn't too long, either.

The illustrations by Marcus Gran are dramatic and capture the feeling of the story.

In my humble opinion this book is a good one and I hope Clarke goes on to write more.


Connie Arnold said...

My oldest grandson is into reading about mythology and would probably enjoy something like this. Thanks for the review!

Janet Ann Collins said...

Your welcome, Connie. I hope your grandson does enjoy the book.