Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wish Stealers

In Wish Stealers Tracy Trivas has written an original fantasy about Griffin, a girl given a box of magic pennies by a sinister old crone.

Unlike most fantasies, this one takes place in the ordinary world of a middle school student who must deal with nasty, popular classmates, difficult assignments, and boys, as well as some family problems.

And, unlike most magic pennies, the ones in the box give the person who possesses them a curse that makes the opposite of her good wishes come true. However any bad wishes do happen.

As she struggles to cope with her curse Griffin tries to do good things, but that isn't easy because of the great tempting power of the magic pennies.

Will she become evil?

The Wish Stealers is an exciting story that keeps readers turning pages to find out what happens. And it may encourage them to choose good instead of evil.

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