Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Brother Is My Best Friend.

My Brother Is My Best Friend by Nicole Weaver is a sweet book showing the fun twin boys have together. It would make a lovely bedtime story for young kids and the illustrations by Clara Batton Smith capture the feeling of the text beautifully.

But that's only part of the value of the book.

The entire story is written in three languages; English, French and Spanish. Children from various national backgrounds can enjoy the story in their own languages.

And the book would be a wonderful aid to kids of all ages - and even grown-ups - who are trying to learn other languages or refresh their memories about languages they studied in the past. (Today I mentioned the book to a middle school class of students who are studying Spanish!)

My Brother is My Best Friend may help people become friends with others from different cultures as they learn other languages, and it will encourage children to appreciate their siblings and the world around them.

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Penelope Anne Cole said...

Hi Jan, nice review -- I enjoyed Nicole's book, too. I love the concept of her series. Wishing her much success!