Saturday, February 15, 2014

Unusual Post

I never post personal information on the internet. I haven't ever mentioned the names of my kids or grandkids except for one foster granddaughter who is an adult and requested me to do it.

But in this post I will talk about something personal.

I've been blogging twice a week for nearly five years and have never missed a post, but I might have to miss some in the future and want to explain why.

I've got cancer in my eyeball.

That's a rare kind of cancer and only about six people in a million get it, but I'm one of those six. Maybe I should have played the lottery instead!

I've had surgery, but will need more treatments and other medical visits so it's possible I may not be able to blog every Wednesday and Saturday even if I schedule posts in advance.

If I do miss some posts I hope you'll understand.

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