Saturday, June 21, 2014


Long ago, people usually stayed in or near the towns where they were born for most of their lives.

Even if they traveled to a new continent or across one to start a new life, they usually settled in one place and stayed there from then on.

Of course some families, like those with a parent in the military, or families of ministers who were assigned to various parishes, did move fairly often. And there have been gypsies, entertainers, and others who have traveled often for centuries.

However those were exceptions.

But today people move around a lot.

Even those of us who tend to stay in one place for decades at a time may live far from the places where we once lived.

I was born in one place, grew up in a house far from my birth city, moved away from there when I went to college, and spent many years in several different cities as an adult. Now I live in an area quite distant from all of those locations.

I have fond memories of most of the places where I've lived and still have friends and family in many of them.

So, how do I decide which location is my home town?

I guess in our modern world the idea that people have just one home town has become obsolete because, to me, lots of those places still seem like home towns to me.

What about you? Do you have just one home town, or many?

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