Saturday, June 7, 2014

Never Say Boo to a Frilly

What is a Frilly?

Why shouldn't you say "Boo" to one?

You'll have to read Margot Finke's newest book, Never Say Boo to a Frilly, to find out.

While the book looks like a picture book at first glance, it's intended for kids from seven to twelve years old and teaches them all sorts of interesting information about animals native to Australia. Both kids in the Northern Hemisphere and Down Under will find the book informative and enjoyable.

The author, Margot Finke, is from Australia herself so she knows what she's talking about.

She uses clever rhymes to introduce the young readers to information about Frillneck Lizards, various colorful birds, and Tasmanian Devils. Readers will learn about the creatures' habitats, food, and other information while enjoying the colorful illustrations by Aysin Eraglu. Kangaroos aren't mentioned, probably because most kids already know about those. (If they don't they can learn about them in Finke's previous book, Kangaroo Clues.)

Vocabulary words are listed at the bottom of the pages and would be helpful for use in schools. The whole book is educational, but it's also fun.


Donna McDine said...

Hi Janet,

Terrific review of Margot's latest children's. She is certainly an expert at rhyme and of course Australia!

Congratulations, Margot!


Janet Ann Collins said...

Thank you, Donna. She sure is.

Margot Finke said...

JANET: many thanks for your lovely review of Never Say BOO to a Frilly.
Frillies are what they are called in OZ.
DONNA: Thanks for your unfailing support, mate. Much appreciated!

This PB, along with Kangaroo Clues and Mama Grizzly bear, are a part of my Wild and Wonderful series about animals from the US and Australia. Autographed, and only $2.50 postage from my website:

Janet Ann Collins said...

And Oz is what Aussies call Australia, right?

Penelope Cole said...

Hi Jan and Margot, Thanks to Jan for another great book review--helpful and supportive. And to Margot for another fun and educational book about Australia. Wishing Margot much success with her "Wild and Wonderful" Series.

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thank you, Penelope.

Margot Finke said...

Yep. We call is OZ sometimes.

I sent you an email and an attached cover, but your email program refused it, and it bounced. There was more in the original post as well. I tried a reply but that did not bounce. Did you get it?

Janet Ann Collins said...

No, Margot, I didn't get your message. I don't understand why not. Sorry.

Nancy Stewart said...

This is a lovely review of a book that sounds wonderful, as always when it comes to Margot! C

Congratulations to you both!

Margot Finke said...

notThank you everyone for your continued support of my books. You are all AWESOME mates!

Australians are great ones for nicknames - hence OZ, Down Under and Aussie.

I am looking forward to adding both Never Say BOO and Prairie Dog Play Days to my Skype Author Visits to schools. The Magic Carpet is already loaded and ready to fly!

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks, Margot.