Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Another Crazy Idea

Okay, my writerly imagination is working overtime again.

Imagine what would happen if all synthetics were to suddenly disappear.

That would include plastics, polyester, and many other substances.

Lots of people walking down the streets would suddenly become naked.

Cars and trucks would stop running and most of their seats and dashboards would be gone.

Without some of  the insulation on wires, fires would start and, depending on what the pipes were made of, gas lines and even water mains would leak.

Some furniture would collapse, panels and paint would disappear from houses, and some buildings would collapse.

Of course most technological devices would disappear, too.

We tend to take so much modern stuff for granted, but it would be interesting to see how we'd adapt to doing without it. Going back to the good old days wouldn't be easy now that so much of our planet is covered by cities.

How do you think people would react?

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